Biological Illustration

Drawings and paintings

Wayne Maddison

I’ve been drawing spiders since I was a young teenager, and late in my undergrad career did many illustrations, most for a never-completed project for Agriculture Canada. I also made many illustrations for my dissertation (on the jumping spider genus Pelegrina). To me, the drawings not only help me learn the structure of the animal much better than casual inspection, but also celebrate its beauty — a celebration that I think is
important if we are to build an appreciation of the living world around us, and choose to preserve it.

Other illustrations of mine can be seen in the Pelegrina pages of the Tree of Life and the pages for HabronattusHabronattus coecatus, H.notialis, H. calcaratus, H. trimaculatus, H. pugillis, and H. alachua.

Click on the following for larger versions

Habronattus cuspidatus male, a species common on the North American prairies from Alberta to Colorado.

The third leg of a Habronattus cuspidatus male.  He waves it to the female during courtship.

Habronattus calcaratus maddisoni, from Ontario.  This male is doing his courtship dance to the female.
Habronattus altanus male, in courtship pose.  Note the metallic mauve scales on the chelicerae.


The striking Habronattus americanus male, in courtship pose.  Common from northern Ontario west to the Yukon, south to California.


Habronattus cognatus in courtship pose.  Common on the beaches of the southern Great Lakes.


The above are copyright 1979 Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

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