Borneo 2012

cld1201911 copyFor Edy Piascik’s project on convergent radiations of salticid spiders, we needed a jumping spider fauna independent from that of our other sampled location, Ecuador (in 2011), so we chose Borneo. We expected that the salticid fauna there would be from very distinct phylogenetic groups than those of Ecuador. Our trip started in Kuching, Sarawak, where we joined Ch’ien Lee (who helped organize the trip and who took this photo of Wayne and Edy) and Alex Ang (who accompanied us the whole trip). Near Kuching and at our two main sampling sites of Mulu and Lambir Hills National Parks we found more than 150 species of salticids. Mulu, in the mountains of the north, is an ecotourist destination (caves and rainforest) and thus one of the most luxurious field sites we’ve known (internet! cafeteria!). Wayne blogged the trip at Scientific American. Here are his posts:

Photograph of Wayne and Edy collecting © 2012 Ch’ien Lee

One thought on “Borneo 2012

  1. Thank you so much for spending your time in studying the variety of jumping spider species here in Borneo. There are still thousands of new species for you to see here. I wish you could see more but unfortunately your work here is limited.

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