Ecuador 2004

A joint jumping spider-social spider expedition took us to Ecuador with Leticia Avilés and Ingi Agnarsson. It was Wayne’s first collecting in Ecuador in about a decade, and for the first time collected well in cloud forests. The stunning discovery was of three new species of lapsiines, including the very strange Thrandina and Galianora [pdf].

IMGP1028 copy
The primary collecting team, Ingi Agnarsson, Wayne Maddison, Gabriel Iturralde, and Patricio Salazar

IMGP1072 copy
The rich and green cloud forest near Limón.

IMG_2488 copy
Wayne, discovering you could find salticids in the rain, but that if you did, you got wet.

IMG_2530 copy
Identifying in the midst of collecting.

IMG_2418 copy

IMGP0154 copy
The majestic San Rafael falls, soon to be turned off by the construction of a hydroelectric dam.

IMGP1032 copy
Allullas, a fried cornbread with cheese in a leaf.

IMGP1040 copy
A lamb with the best view of the highway



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