Ecuador 2010

In 2010 David Maddison and Wayne undertook a rare joint expedition, to Ecuador. In the past we’ve shared various big expeditions, but recently David has stayed mostly in the temperate zone, in accord with his bembidiine carabids’ distributions, while Wayne has shifted his focus to the tropics in order to sample the phylogenetically deep diversity there. Ecuador provided an opportunity to satisfy both, with interesting bembidiines in the mid and high elevations of the Andes, and interesting salticids in the mid and low elevations.

IMG_0415 copy
The team, Marco Reyes, David Maddison, Wayne Maddison, Mauricio Vega. Mauricio was especially important for arranging the logistics of the expedition.

IMG_0033 copy
David processing beetles collected in high elevation.

IMG_0073 copy
Our favourite hotel in Baeza

IMG_0053 copy
The then-primitive (but beautiful) camp at the Bigal Reserve, on the slopes of Volcan Sumaco.

Ecu2010-IMGP0854 copy
One of our favourite species found, an undescribed Ilargus from Volcan Pichincha.

Ecu2010-IMGP1727 copy
Thrandina, very strange for a salticid because the small eyes aren’t so small after all. We found two new species of Thrandina on this trip. These and other new species were described here

Ecu2010-IMGP1862 copy
The very cute Belliena.

Ecu2010-IMGP2584 copy

For the first time we got Galianora sacha reasonably commonly. Galianora is among the unusual lapsiine salticids.

Ecu2010-IMGP3043 copy
A small beetle-like Cylistella

Ecu2010-IMGP3220 copy
Lapsias lorax, a new species whose name was chosen in a contest run by the Beaty Museum after we got back.  A redesign of the museum’s website has temporarily hidden the pages about the contest, but here is a news report about it.


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