Sierra Nevada 2005-2012

From 2005 to 2012 Gwylim Blackburn made many trips to California’s beautiful Sierra Nevada to sample intensely the varied forms of Habronattus americanus occurring there. Gwylim’s work has mapped out both the behavioural responses of females to different male forms, and the structure of genetic variation in the area.

IMGP6409 copy
Breakfast, and then to hunt spiders.

IMGP6428 copy
A stunning landscape

IMGP6493 copy
There’s still snow in July, but you can find the spiders already on the ground

IMGP6454 copy
An apparent hybrid between Habronattus americanus and Habronattus kubai

IMGP6414 copy
What a place to work!

IMGP6522 copy
Returning from the hunt



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