Singapore and Malaysia 2005

After our 2003 paper on molecular phylogeny of salticids, it was clear that sampling broadly over the world was going to be important to understand salticid systematics well. Unlike some groups of spiders, most genera of salticids are geographically restricted. By 2005, Wayne had had many expeditions to Ecuador and Mexico, but none to the Old World tropics. And so, he and Daiqin Li undertook a collecting trip, with Ingi Agnarsson and Junxia Zhang, in Singapore and peninsular Malaysia to gather fresh material for phylogenetic work. Some of the euophryines discovered on that trip are described in this paper [pdf].

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Starting off in Singapore for expedition to Malaysia: Daiqin Li, Wayne Maddison, Ingi Agnarsson, Junxia Zhang, and Jeremy (who accompanied us part way)

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Amazing fruit

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Ingi collecting

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Signs in Malaysia were typically in Malay, English and Chinese.

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A recurrent theme in tropical field work: innovative solutions to drying clothes

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Mangroves in Singapore

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The river, downtown Singapore.

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Mysterious forests


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